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Call for Abstracts

Call for Abstracts 徵集論文摘要

The Organising Committee of the 8th Global Chinese Breast Cancer Organizations Alliance Conference (8th GCBCOA Conference) welcomes submission of Abstracts for POSTER Presentation during the Conference.  Your experience or research findings will provide valuable insight that can inspire innovative ideas to other participants/patients and build new knowledge.


Important Dates

Deadline for Abstract Submission: 30 September 2021

Notification of Abstract Acceptance: 4 October 2021



Each author can submit more than one abstract.  With the submission of an abstract to the 8th GCBCOA Conference, the author should:

  • accept responsibility for the accuracy of the submitted abstract.

  • confirm all authors are aware of, agree to the content of the abstract and support the data presented.

  • give permission for the abstract, when selected for presentation and to be published in the Conference program book, if necessary.

  • confirm the presenting author will register for the 8th GCBCOA Conference. 


Abstract Format

Abstract can be submitted in English or Chinese. To submit an abstract, the following rules should be observed:


Abstract Title:

Titles should be brief (maximum of 40 words) and descriptive to reflect the content of the abstract. Titles must be in Title Case, i.e. start each word with a capital letter and continue in lower case.  Commercial names should not be used in the abstract title.


Abstract Authors:

Professional title, institutional affiliation, department, city and country/region for each author should be stated in the submission system.


Abstract Text:

Abstract text should be submitted in structured paragraph format with the headings of

  1. Background

  2. Objectives

  3. Methodology

  4. Results

  5. Conclusion


Word count:

The abstract should not contain more than 400 words.  A maximum of 3 simple tables and graphics may be included.  A table or a graphic equals 80 words and is included as part of the 400 words limit.  Graphics should be of high resolution and have a file type of “gif”, “jpg” or “jpeg”. The abstract should not contain any abbreviations or acronyms.


Abstract Selection Process

The Conference’s Scientific Committee will make the selection of abstracts for poster presentation.  The submitting author will receive an email with the result from the Scientific Committee by 4 October 2021.  The copyright of the abstract will be transferred to the 8th GCBCOAC once accepted.




Tel: +852 2559 9973




提交論文摘要截止日期: 2021年9月30日

論文摘要接受通知日期: 2021年10月4日



  1. 每位作者可以提交多於一份論文摘要。

  2. 在提交論文摘要的同時,作者需要:

  • 對提交的摘要的準確性承擔責任

  • 確認所有作者都知道及同意摘要內容,並支持所提供的數據

  • 允許被選中的摘要在大會上發表或於大會出版的刋物中刋登

  3. 收到論文摘要接受通知的作者需註冊參加會議。






標題應簡短(最多 40 個字)並具有描述性,以反映摘要的內容。標題必須採用標題大小寫,即每個單詞以大寫字母開頭,單詞的其他字母則使用小寫。摘要標題中不應使用商業名稱。





  • 背景:在首段提供有關研究背景(一至兩句)

  • 目的 :  描述有關研究目的

  • 方法:簡單說明所使用的方法

  • 結果:以細節總結

  • 結論:陳述得出的結論(包括研究意義和臨床意義)


摘要應在400 字內,可包含簡單圖表或圖形(最多 3 個)。圖表或圖形將預算為80字內並計算在總字數內。圖形應為高解像,文件類型為“gif”、“jpg”或“jpeg”。摘要不應包含任何縮寫詞或首字母略詞。



大會學術委員會將選出摘要於大會上作海報報告。提交摘要的作者將於 2021 年 10 月 4 日或之前收到相關結果的電郵。摘要一經被錄用,版權將轉讓給「第八屆全球華人乳癌組織聯盟大會」。




電話: +852 2559 9973

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